E-Paper    114- April Newsletter
2019-05-03 114- April Newsletter

【NEW ARRIVAL】USB Dual Band(125Khz & 13.56Mhz) Registration Card Reader AR-725RS 


【Exhibition】Secutech 2019 is almost here!

Have you hear the news of Soyal will be joining this year Securetech in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from May 8th-May 10th 2019 from 10:00-18:00? Then you have to know about this news! Please be kind to visit our booth no. 4423 as we will be listed new products and application as below:
Stand-Alone Consumption Stored Value Application
Smart Door Lock Application and Solution
Centralized Management System with I/O Module
And many more! We are looking forward to meet you in person and introduce our new product and application. If you have any requirements or special request, please feel free to let us know in advance.


【NEW ARRIVAL】USB Dual Band(125Khz & 13.56Mhz) Registration Card Reader AR-725RS

To make enrolling card number in 701Client easier and faster, you can now use AR-725RS as an alternative to automatically input card number just by placing the tags into the AR-725RS. Moreover, after finished reading the card number, it will jump into new user to enroll another user card for another user. It can support 125kHz and 13.56MHz frequency (EM/Mifare/Desfire/Ultra Light). The other advantage is, it can input card number based on original card format (ABA, WG34, WG26, HEX), so it does not require to convert card format.

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USB Dual Band(125Khz & 13.56Mhz) Registration Card Reader AR-725RS
Q & A were updated to our website, please go and check on them to get some new information of SOYAL system!
1. I001004_EN
Factory Reset for all E/H-V5 series
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Software Version
701 Client Ver190430
701 Server Ver190322
SoyalToolSetup Ver190429


【Product】Benefit of Soyal E/H-V5 series
Here are some additional benefit you will get from Soyal E/H-V5 series controller:
1. Limit user exit time
If a user is exceeding time limit, they might only able to enter but can't exit. This feature is suitable for dormitories.
2. Interlock feature
If one door is opening, you have to close it before you can openning another door. This feature is suitable for clean room.
3. Scheduling timing of controller's output function Soyal E/H-V5 controller can support scheduled automatic ON-OFF time for light
【MANUAL】 Soyal Controller with Output Relay AR-821RB under different type of locks Wiring Diagram
This wiring diagram is under a condition of different power voltage or load shunt connected with output relay AR-821RB
1. Lock type: Electric Strike Lock
2. Lock type: Electric Bolt Lock (Fail-Secure)
3. Lock type: Magnetic Lock and Electric Bolt (Fail-Safe)
【Product】WG-KEYBOARD for all Soyal Keyboardless Controller
WG-KEYBOARD for all Soyal Keyboardless Controller If you have purchased Soyal controller that is not built-in keypad, to make your configuration easier, you might want to purchase WG-Keyboard. You can simply plug in the WG-Keyboard to the controller, unplug once you done with configuration, and plug in again to other controller. One keyboard for all!
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