E-Paper    089 - January Newsletter
2017-01-12 089 - January Newsletter

2017 Exhibition Notification!!!!

SOYAL will attend 2017 Taipei SecuTech Exhibition as an exhibitor to demo our flush products & new technology. The exhibition will be held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center during Apri.16th~17th, 2017 and our booth No. is 5217. We welcome every dear customer coming Taiwan to join us. We expect to meet you in Taipei and discuss Business, share Market Information and provide Training to you by person. If you have any personal and special requirements, please inform us as earlier as possible.

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NEW Package with new design!!!!

We are going to replace our paper box with new plastic box for our controller.The changing would start from our products AR-725HD this week, and other products would keep following later.

-The plastic we use is definitely compliant with environmental requirement.
-The plastic is made by PET,Polyethylene terephthalate which is recycle.

Here is the picture of our new package :

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SOYAL Channel on YouTube!
SOYAL E-Learning Training on YouTube https://www.youtube.com
is updating
biweekly. We believe these videos will be helpful and more convenient for all customers to learn SOYAL System.
Please Go to “Subscribe” SOYAL Channel and Give a “Like” to the Videos!

New Topic 1:  SOYAL AR-837EF-Fingerprint Registration & Operation Guide

New Topic 2: AR-721H Introduction


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Q & A were updated to our website, please go and check on them to get some new information of SOYAL system!
1. H016170025-EN
How to Set Up Auto Open Zone For H Series Controller?

How to reset AR-716E anti-pass back status if door does not open?

3. H01117017-EN
How to trigger fire alarm and open the indicated door or all doors by 727CM-IO?
4. H00817002-EN
Why does 321W receive the data slowly (over 5 seconds)
5. S01315004_EN
The New Feature of UdpUpdater Introduction: Support to Search Multi Devices’ IP Address & MAC Address and also be able to modify IP address directly.
6. H03506001-EN
How to quickly connect doorbell to AR-837E/EF
7. S00310008-EN
Why the daily transactions report received two same messages in 701Client?
8. H00306003-EN
How to quickly connect DoorBell to Controller AR-757H
9. S30012007_EN
After use a Valid Card for access, why 701Client receive one more message “Card Inhibited”, how to solve?
10 H00117019_EN
When 721H is under Arming Mode, how to change LED indicator from Flashing Green Led to Lighting on Red Led?

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Software Version
701 Client Version 8v05
701 Server Version 8v05
Visual Prox Version 2v01
Visual Com Version 1.06
701 Client Version 7.10
701 Server Version 6.40


2017 New Metal Fingerprint Controller AR-331EF-1500DO is Coming Soon!!!!!

Soyal is going to release the brand new Fingerprint Controller AR-331EF, it is our 1st fingerprint controller with metal casing (zinc alloy) for Vandal Resistant. The amazing feature of 331EF was included 1500 fingerprint capacity, 16,000 Users Cards in different frequency 125kHz & 13.56MHz, TCP/IP&RS485 Interface, higher Waterproof Level and also the competitive price. If you would like to order the sample or get the competitive price in advance, please don’t hesitate to contact with us by skype or mail.

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Highly Notification-AR-727HB-V3 is going to be phased out.

AR-727HB-V3 is going to be phased out, there are only 500 pcs left in our stock, if you don’t want to miss the last opportunity, please place an order to get it first. The replacement for AR-727HB-V3 is our AR-727HB-V5, if you haven’t bought AR-727HB-V5 before, please don’t hesitate to get one and try it!

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The Upgrading version of AR-888 Series is Coming Soon!

We have released Flush-Mounted Series AR-888 over 1 yearAfter receiving the valuable feedbacks from the clients, we decide to upgrade the series products from its Appearance to Installation Way; the Upgrading Version including AR-888H/K/U/PBi is more charming look and easier installation design. The below chart lists the difference of old version and upgrading version, the upgrading version will be available on Oct.31st

Energy saver AR-321WD is phased out and replaced by AR-888WD
 To release a range of 888 series products, we launch NEW energy saver 888WD to replace the original AR-321WD. Our new energy saver has attractive design and easy to use, it worth for customer to choose
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Highly Notification-Infrared Button AR-PBI-6/7/8B is Phased Out.

In order to meet the market change , SOYAL have Upgraded Touch-Less Button AR-PBi-6B/7B/8B from InfraRed Sensor Module to Capacitive Sensor Module.  InfraRed Type is discounted since 2016. Sep and replaced by Capacitive Type . if you would order Touch-Less Button , please notice that we only provide the new version AR-PBi-6B/7B/8B with Capacitive module.

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Holiday Notification!!!!!!

Thank you for your strong support and kind assistance to our company for past year.May everything wonderful and best be condensed into this card. On behalf of Soyal Company, sincerely wish you and your family happiness and happy Chinese New Year!! In order to match the holiday period, our office schedule is as below:

Chinese New Year On-leave Notice

2017/01/10:PO Deadline.Please send PO to us before this day.
2017/01/25: Office clean-up day and the last Delivery Date. 2017/01/26~2017/02/01: Chinese New Year Holidays. 2017/02/02: Back to office.
2017/02/25~2017/02/28: National Holidays again.

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