E-Paper    098- October Newsletter
2017-10-17 098- October Newsletter

  Software Updating   Notification
[EnrollTool Supports TCP/IP communciation from now on.] We are updating SoyalToolSetup and the new version allow the client to enroll fingerprint via TCP/IP Mode. Please download the new execution file SoyalToolSetup 171006.exe via SOYAL Website to enjoy new feature.
  AR-331EFS-Best   Reading Card Area!!!
In order to reducing the interference among fingerprint module and two kinds of frequencies card, we layout EM and Mifare Antenna separately in different location;When you purchase AR-331EF especially the version of Metal housing, please follow the below picture to read the different card in the right and best reading Area.
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Software Version
701 Client Ver171017
701 Server Ver170929
SoyalToolSetup Ver171006
  Software Updating Notification
New features for [User Access Floors Edit]
We are updating 701client software and the new version allow the client to edit different Lift Name and different Floor Name for each lift and also be able to download User floors data to Maximum 6 lifts at the same time. It is more User-friendly. Please download the new execution file 701ClientSetup806 1701017.exe via SOYAL Website to enjoy new feature.
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  725UB Pattern Upgrade   Notification!!
We are upgrading the Pattern for 125Khz 725UB. Please refer to the linked picture. we will stop provding the old pattern with Carton Icon & Scanning Card from 2017 Oct and will provide the newPattern with only Scanning Card. Note: The upgrade is only suitable for 125Khz version 725UB and Mifare version 725UD still remains the same pattern as before.
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