E-Paper    101- January Newsletter
2018-01-19 101- January Newsletter

【New Arrivals】 Ultra Mini AR-101 Series !!!


 【New Arrivals】
  Ultra Mini AR-101
  Series !!!
We proudly present you SOYAL Ultra Mini AR-101 Series, including mini reader (AR-101US), mini access controller (AR-101H/D) and infrared touch-less push button. The series are advantageous to apply at places with limited installation space or with high hygiene requirements, eg. hospital, clinic or public areas. The series also fit in various metal panels to give it solid protection if required. ORDER NOW!
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SOYAL Channel on YouTube!
SOYAL E-Learning Training on YouTube https://www.youtube.com
is updating
biweekly. We believe these videos will be helpful and more convenient for all customers to learn SOYAL System.
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New Topic :  Display Muliple Card Formats On SOYAL LCD Screen Controller

Q & A were updated to our website, please go and check on them to get some new information of SOYAL system!
1. I004010-EN
What is the difference of LK-1201A/P and LK01201A/P-3?
2. I005021-EN
How to disable/reduce beeping sound on AR-881EF & AR-331EF & AR-725EV2?
3. I005020-EN
What is the difference of AR-661UG EPC vs. TID?
4. H03513006-EN
Centralized Lift Control Solution
Software Version
701 Client Ver180103
701 Server Ver180104
EnrollTool Ver180111
  Centralized Lift Control System

SOYAL centralized lift control system composes 1 AR-721EV2 control panel, 1 RS-485 reader or controller and 1 AR-401RO16B to control a lift up to 16 floors. The control panel AR-721EV2 and AR-401RO16B can be installed in the control room or equipment room, easy for inspection and maintenance. You have a variety of reader/controller to choose from economic, to solid, LCD or fashion style.
The AR-721EV2 in this system also works for multi-door control and mailbox management (with AR-401MO). The expanded functions can fulfill your requirement of hostel/apartment/homestay management for room access control, lift control and mailbox control.

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  W701S (Web API)
W701S may abstract database and hardware communications into JSON format. It has:
1. Program language-independent API interface, easy to integrate with a variety of applications
2. Cross-platform features, can be deployed on Linux, Windows and Raspberry PI .
3. Built-in Web Server, allows you use HTML, JavaScript and CSS in W701S to customize your web applications, no need to set up a separate Web Server.
4. Database systems such as Maria DB, MySQL and PostgreSQL, can automatic retrieve and save.
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  Room Control System!!!!!
SOYAL 888 series cover basically everything you need for hotel access control. The products are of elegant design, flush-mounted, LED illuminated panel, moisture resistant. SOYAL software & encryption tool enable user & card management. We provide protocol and open sources for you to customize your very own applications.
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