E-Paper    102- February Newsletter
2018-02-14 102- February Newsletter

【New Arrivals】 Ultra Mini AR-101 Series !!!


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 【New Arrivals】
  Ultra Mini AR-101
  Access Control Series
  Coming Soon in March
AR-101 H Mini Access Control Series 2018 We sincerely introduce you to the SOYAL Ultra Mini AR-101 Series in the beginning of 2018, which includes mini WG reader (AR-101US), mini WG controller (AR-101H / D) and infrared touch-less push button (AR-PBI). The series are advantageous to apply at places with limited installation space or with high hygiene requirements, eg. community mail system, member lockers, hospitals, laboratories or restaurants. The series also fit in various metal panels to give it solid protection if required, embedded installation with brilliant two-color LED frame, leading the trend of access control!
AR-101US has been introduced to you in the last newsletter. Here to introduce you to the AR-101H specifications:
<AR-101H catalog download link>
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biweekly. We believe these videos will be helpful and more convenient for all customers to learn SOYAL System.
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New Topic :  SOYAL Access Control Introduction- SOYAL interests are endless

Q & A were updated to our website, please go and check on them to get some new information of SOYAL system!
1. S01401001-EN
How to Use Protocol to Read& Write 721H&727H Master Code via CommView?
2. S01415001-EN
How to use Comm View to reset H series controller?
3. S01415003-EN
How to Set up “Free Access Mode for Any Tags ” By Commview For H Series Controller
4. S01415007-EN
How to Commview to Change PIN & Card UID Length for 725E-V2?
5. S01415008-EN
How to Use Commview to Enable/Disable RFID Reading Card Function for E/V5 Series Controller?
Software Version
701 Client Ver180206
701 Server Ver180130
SoyalToolSetup Ver180202

New Function:Fixed the problem that time will be beating when V5 device connected with 716E / 721E.

2. Name:721E
New Function:It can support the anti-pass back function.
3. Name:727Ev5
New Function:When you enable “Free Access Mode for Any Tags ”, After press the card, it will check whether the card number is in the blacklist (do not open the door). If it is not in the black list card, it will open the door. (Door Relay On.)
4. Name:721E-V2
New Function:Parking management, multi-card parking spaces function
5. Name:321W
New Function:Add Buzzer Disable option in Option1:bit6
6. Name:837WD
New Function:Press button 1#, it will deduct 1 dollar. Press button 2#, it will deduct 2 dollars…Till press button 9 #, and it will deduct 9 dollars. But it is not automatic debit function.

New Function:The standard version firmware will support the 15693 / 14443Mifare / Felica / DESFire Cards from February 8th.

  【New】 Powerful features,
   coming soon!!
The beta version of 701Server SQL & 701Client SQL will star to free download on April 2018!! They are comprehensive support SQL Database, and fully compatible with the older version software.
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  SOYAL Wish You a Happy
  Chinese New Year !!!!!

Dear customer: According to the notice of the relevant departments of the state on the 2018 holidays, will be held on February 15, 2016 to 20 vacation days off, a total of 6 days. February 21, is normal business day. If there is any inconvenience, please feel free to understand. Hereby declare.
Here is the full 2018 vacation information. Your prior contact with the business plan will be appreciated! <2018 vacation Information link>

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  It is our pleasure to have your
  participation in the exhibition!!
Dear customer hello:
Thank you for visiting SOYAL, the 20th Intersec Dubai Show on security & Safety, January 21 – 23, 2018. During the exhibition, the heated discussion with visitors made us deeply feel the dynamic energy of the industry. If you have any questions about the application of various access control systems in your work or want to know more about the diverse SOYAL products displayed on the exhibition site. We are always at your side, ready to provide you with all kinds of support. Welcome to keep in touch with us, also wish you a great career!
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  Parking Garage / Lot
  Management System!!!
Use the multi-door controller AR-721E-V2, with card reader and E-TAG reader, and with the electronic scroll. Apply to the entrance and exit of the parking garage and parking lot for independently controlling.
The main device: Multi-Door Networking Controller: AR-721E/Ei-V2 
Recommend the device model:
    > Access Controller321H, 721H.
    >Long Range Reader: AR-661U (125kHz Reader) ,
      AR-661UG-V2(UHF Reader)
Firmware:Welcome to contact us for the specifications of customized firmware.
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  【Software introduction】    CommView
SOYAL not only provides the standard software 701Server & 701Client for regular use but also offers communication protocols for advanced users to conduct secondary development of their customized software. In this article, we will give a general overview of Protocol & CommView. CommView is the software of serial port viewer which allows software engineers to give hexadecimal command codes to the devices for function setting and is also capable of intercepting data stored in the device and transforming it into hexadecimal code for data check.
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