E-Paper    103- March Newsletter
2018-06-04 103- March Newsletter

Successful Cases Collection Activity !!!




  2018 Taipei Secutech!!
Dear customers:
SOYAL will attend 2018 Taipei SecuTech Exhibition as an exhibitor to display our flush products & new technology. The exhibition will be held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center during Apri.25th~27th, 2018 and our booth No. is 6228/6229. We welcome every dear customer coming Taiwan to join us. We expect to meet you in Taipei and discuss Business, share Market Information and provide Training to you by person. If you have any personal and special requirements, please inform us as earlier as possible.
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SOYAL Channel on YouTube!
SOYAL E-Learning Training on YouTube https://www.youtube.com
is updating
biweekly. We believe these videos will be helpful and more convenient for all customers to learn SOYAL System.
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Q & A were updated to our website, please go and check on them to get some new information of SOYAL system!
1. H03413006-EN
How to know if the User Address have already existed the enrolled fingerprint for AR-837EF?
2. S00403007-EN
How to Use Protocol Command to Get/ Set IP Address & Mac Address for EV5 Series Controller?
3. H03513007_EN
How to Display Customized idle Image on LCD Screen of EV5 Series Controller?
4. S00403007-EN
How to Quickly Program Mifare New Card into LAM Card on MifareKey Tools?
5. I001006-EN
How many controllers can be connected to a converter?
Software Version
701 Client Ver180309
701 Server Ver180104
SoyalToolSetup Ver180220

New Function:Adding warning Window if the User Address had already existed enrolled fingerprint


New Function:
1. Add Command 42*PIN*UID# Length 4~8 and then 12* and 13* can be edited PIN code from 4 Digits to 8 Digits
2. Add Command 41*n# (n=0: WG26, n=1:WG34 ) ,Change WG bits output format.
3. Support Alia with Voice Module by changing hardware Flash from 16MB to 32MB and updating software Version after 701ClientSetup806 180309.exe

3. Name:AR-721E-V2
New Function:Add 20 1A [Bit Map for Node 1~8] [Bit Map for Node 9~16] set to skip PIN check
  Successful Cases Collection
Objects:SOYAL Global Customers
Prizes: Catalog / Pen / Demo Products
Award Rules:
1 Successful Case = 5~10 SOYAL Reward Point
Requirement/ Usage:Agree SOYAL to indefinitely use these cases info. & photos on SOYAL Website, Catalogues or other Marketing Promotion Materials
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  Only One Minute to Encrypt   Mifare Card!!! Revolutionary

We sincerely introduce you that Soyal just update our Mifare Card programming Tools MifareKey; the new tools support to quickly support program & Encrypt Mifare Card with only 3 steps & 1 minute; if you would protect your system to gain large profit, please contact us to get the details of this upgrade.

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  Multi-Format card Compatibility
For SOYAL advanced E/V5 series Controllers, the standard version firmware after 2018 Feb.8th will support various cards including Mifare ISO14443A / ISO15693 / Felica / DESFire and also HID Prox ( adding optional Module) at the same time.
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  New Feature for Fingerprint
  Controller AR-837EF!!
Adding Warning Window if the User Address had already existed the enrolled fingerprint.

If the user address has enrolled fingerprint, when you attempt to register new fingerprint on the same user address, the warning window will pop-up to remind you the same FP has been enrolled in the user address; for details, please refer to H03413006-EN.
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