E-Paper    104- May Newsletter
2018-05-22 104- May Newsletter

Successful Cases Collection Activity !!!


  Successful Cases
  Are Wanted!!!
SOYAL is seeking the photos of the successful cases! We are looking for the successful cases (shall include the name of the distributors and the location, Setting date and real shots of the Cases and so on). After those real shots are uploaded (unlimited time and location) and are used in our propagandas, the awards will be offered to the Participants by SOYAL.
Activity Duration: 7, May, 2018~7, June, 2018
Qualifications: All the clients of SOYAL
Awards: if the case is adopted, one AR-888H-US will be sent as the awards
Requirements and Usage of the Cases Collection: the participants agree to freely authorize the organizer and the implementer to put those materials which has been provided by the participants on the official website of SOYAL and the propaganda and marketing promotion materials such as PPT, Catalogues, Brochures and so on and announce or forward the marketing advertisement as well.
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SOYAL Channel on YouTube!
SOYAL E-Learning Training on YouTube https://www.youtube.com
is updating
biweekly. We believe these videos will be helpful and more convenient for all customers to learn SOYAL System.
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New Topic :  SOYAL NFC Solution

New Topic :  SOYAL Controller Supports Reading Multiple Formats of Cards
Q & A were updated to our website, please go and check on them to get some new information of SOYAL system!
1. H03413006-EN
How to know if the User Address have already existed the enrolled fingerprint for AR-837EF?
2. S00403007-EN
How to Use Protocol Command to Get/ Set IP Address & Mac Address for EV5 Series Controller?
3. H03513007_EN
How to Display Customized idle Image on LCD Screen of EV5 Series Controller?
4. S00403007-EN
How to Quickly Program Mifare New Card into LAM Card on MifareKey Tools?
5. I001006-EN
How many controllers can be connected to a converter?
Software Version
701 Client Ver180508
701 Server Ver180116
SoyalToolSetup Ver180220

New Function:
Supports Global Anti-Passback of EV5 Series Crossing Controllers including Fingerprint Controllers as well. (Not only support one Controller but also be able to cross multi units of controllers)


New Function:
To fix the bug of showing “Private PIN Code Access” when inputting the Duress code.

  SOYAL 727 / 721 APP
  have been launched!!!
Make the access control easy! SOYAL Remote I/O module AR-727CM-IO has 4DI/4DO and 8DI/4DO built-in, which can be used to make the digital output control and detection of the digital input remotely on your Smart Phone.
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  The Introduction of the Mailbox
  Management System!!!

Recommended Hardware: AR-401MO, AR-101 Series, Cabinet Lock AR-1213P Application: Mailboxes in Community, Factories and so on. The era of smart life is coming. SOYAL Mailbox Management System makes receiving the letters easier. Through the LED indicators, you can instantly know that if there is any letters in the Mailbox. After presenting the card, the mailbox will open automatically. Lots of control panels can be connected to control up to 500 mailboxes, which is ideal for Community Management.

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   <Important notification>
   AR-PB-6/7/8A-Manual Update
The latest version of the User Manual not only introduces the wiring between the Controller and Exit button but also includes the peripheral devices to offer the more complete instruction of the application of the Exit button.
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  <Software Update>701Client
  Supports Global Anti-Passback !!!
Filename: 701Client806 180427
New Function: Supports Global Anti-Passback of EV5 Series Crossing Controllers including Fingerprint Controllers as well. (Not only support one Controller but also be able to cross multi units of Controllers)
Application: Since the computer is taken to be the manager of Global-Anti-pass Controllers, the 701Server and the 701Client should keep working and the computer can’t be turned off. Thus, with the update, when the computer disconnects temporarily, the Anti-Passback Status of users can be reset by writing the cards of users to controllers again.
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