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2015-09-07~2015-09-07 SOYAL Weekly FAQ!  




5 Q &A about
Hardware Knowledge
1. H00117015-EN :
How to connect an external indicator for 721H while scanning an invalid card?
2. H01117013-EN:
How to increase the security of Web settings for AR-727CM or other TCP/IP devices?
3. H01117014-EN:
How to share one AR-727CM for two Servers while organizing different equipment?
4. H03602000-EN:
How to use 837P DESFire encoder and issue DESFire cards?
5. H01117015-EN:
How to open all doors while receiving fire signals by using 727CM-IO connected with Firm Alarm Equipment?

7 Q & A about Software Knowledge

1. S00305033-EN:
How to Quickly Backup User “SET” Data for 716E & E Series Controller on 701Client?How to use “Auto Save Card ID” function in 701 Client?
2. S00206006-EN:
How to use “Reset Anti-pass back” function of V5 series controllers to limit each staff to take one meal only during every meal interval section?
3. S00303019-EN:
How to get a list of employees who don’t clock-in in a day via 701 Client?
4. S00305034-EN:
How to use Level Comparison function on E/V5 Series Controller to set up one user card accessing the door with Card & Pin and another door with Card only?
5. S01415001-EN:
How to use Comm View to reset H series controller?
6. S00303020-EN:
What are these abbreviations of “leaves” category in 701 Client?
7. S00204009-EN
How to set up networking for fingerprint controller AR-837EF/EFi-3DO & AR-837EF/EFi-9000DO via 701 SERVER and download fingerprint data?