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2018-07-13~2018-07-13 May News :Successful Cases Are Wanted!!!  
Successful Cases
  Are Wanted!!!
SOYAL is seeking the photos of the successful cases! We are looking for the successful cases (shall include the name of the distributors and the location, Setting date and real shots of the Cases and so on). After those real shots are uploaded (unlimited time and location) and are used in our propagandas, the awards will be offered to the Participants by SOYAL.
Activity Duration: 7, May, 2018~7, June, 2018
Qualifications: All the clients of SOYAL
Awards: if the case is adopted, one AR-888H-US will be sent as the awards
Requirements and Usage of the Cases Collection: the participants agree to freely authorize the organizer and the implementer to put those materials which has been provided by the participants on the official website of SOYAL and the propaganda and marketing promotion materials such as PPT, Catalogues, Brochures and so on and announce or forward the marketing advertisement as well.
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