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Touch-less Capacitive Sensor Module
Type: AR-PBI-MDL(Capacitive)
Name: Touch-less Capacitive Sensor Module

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Touch-less Capacitive Sensor Module

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Detection Distance 3-5cm
Voltage 0VDC or 9~15VDC
Current 12VDC @ 65mA max. during activation(35mA during standby)
Contact Open collector DC24V/1Amp
Operating Temperature -20 °C~60°C
Luminous Indicator Green&Red (Standard) Blue&Red (Optional)
Dimensions(mm) 37(L)X37(W)X31(H)
◎ Perfectly comply with any high sanitary conditions in medical industry, food industry and laboratory
◎ Elegant design with colorful Edge Indicator
◎ Opntional for different indicator’s color (Standard: Green&Red; Optional Blue&Red )
◎ Encoded signals prevent interference from nearby radiant light sources
◎ IP55 Weatherproof design, can be used in any environment

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