NO.:   H02216001_EN Date:   2018-09-07
Question:     How to adjust the reading UHF label speed of AR-661UG to avoid multiple event logs received by 701software?

Hardware: connect SOYAL UHF long range reader AR-661UG to SOYAL LCD controller AR-837E,

Question: When the car passing, the UHF sticker will be scanned multiple times and 701software also receives many event logs. We can solve the problem by the following two methods.

Method 1: Connect AR-661UG to computer via USB converter and run the tools of AR-661UG to adjust the delay time.


  1. Select Com port
  2. Click Link
  3. Click “Read” to read parameter from 661UG
  4. Check the default Delay Time is 0.3 sec, the Maximum delay time is 65 secs.

In the software, you can select the number from 0 sec to 10 sec; 

If the delay time you want to set up to more than 10sec, you can directly input the number 10~65 secs

5. Click “Write” to update the new parameters to 661UG.

Method2 Adjust the internal time of reading same card ID


          For E/V5 Series LCD Controllers AR-837E/EF, 727HV5, 327HV5, we can change the interval time for reading the same tag on Menu.

              4 Parameters ---> 3 Miscellaneous --->Tag Second Time Interval

              The default value is 0100 (1 second), we can change to large value. For example input 0500 mean 5 secs.

              The maximum value is up to 9999.