NO.:   H001070025_EN Date:   2019-03-28
Question:     How to enroll tags in Soyal controller with keypad for M6 mode?

Applied Condition: All Soyal controllers with keyboard

Function: Commonly for user that does not required private pin for each user to have access.

Problem Solving:

Enrolling tags for M6 mode in Soyal’s Access Controller requires 4 steps.

1. Set up M6 mode

To set up M6 mode, enter programming mode and enter command 04*6#

To make sure your controller has been programmed into M6 mode, you will hear 6 beeping sound after entering programming mode.

2. Adding tags

Enter 11*SSSSS*EEEEE# command to enroll the card.

For M6 mode, user address equal to card code (5 digit last number of your tags)

-If you are not adding sequential tags, you would need to enter the command one by one.

For example, I will adding a tag with card code 62861 (shown as picture above), so I will enter 11*62861*62861#

-If you are adding a batch of sequential tags, you can enter 11*SSSSS*EEEEE#

SSSSS will be the smallest card code among the sequential tags

EEEEE will be the greatest card code among the sequential tags

For example, I will add tags with card code 1000 until 1099 so I will enter 11*1000*1099#


Before going to the next step, there are three kinds of options for accessing the door:

Access Options for M6

Access Mode

Card only

Access by presenting card

Card and PIN

DEFAULT FOR M6 MODE(after successfully enroller tag, default access is Card and PIN, that is why step 3 required)

Access by presenting tag > controller will beep 3 times means asking for PIN input > enter public PIN > press #

Card or PIN

2 options:

  1. Access by presenting tag
  2. Entering public PIN > press #


*Public PIN = same 4 digit PIN for all users. Example public PIN is 1234, everyone that input 1234 can have access.


3. Set up access mode to be “Card only”

Enter command 17*0000# to cancel the programming access by card and pin. By changing it into 0000, access mode will be “card only”

4. Cancel access with PIN

As M6 mode does not have private pin for the users and only has public PIN, to increase safety in case other person know the public PIN and can access the door even without authorized card, you can cancel access with PIN by entering 15*0000#. That way, user can only has access by swiping the card.