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How to increase the security level of electric locks?
How to use “Auto Save Card ID” function in 701 Client?
How to automatically export user card data via 701Client?
Why the new controllers keep flashing red light when power on?
Setting up Auto-open time via 701 Client and Not allow access during holiday.
How to connect Auto-Electric Bolt EM-1600-A with Infrared Sensor to Prevent Person being pinched while passing Auto Door?
Why the system crash while downloading User Alias?
How to reset H/V3 & E/V5 Controllers?
How to Use Optional Voice Module on AR-837E/EF & V5 Series Controller?
Why scanning the cards out of available time zone, the system doesn't take the log as attendance record?
How to update E/V5 series controllers via RS-485?
How to Connect AR-837E to External Burglary Alarm Control Panel?
Why the system doesn’t calculate “Full Attendance Bonus” correctly?
After reset for AR-837EF, the fingerprint sensor has no response. How to solve it?
How to use "Duress Code" function on AR-727H?
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