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Network Troubleshooting Procedure
How to skip card checking for 821EF?
2 Doors Interlocking Wiring Structure
When connect 721U to 721H, the customer want to flash card and enter Pin by 721H, but just flash card by 721U, how to do?
Elevator Control AR-401RO16B Troubleshooting
How to enable duty shift table for V5 LCD controller ?(821EF, 829E-V5, 727H-V5)
How to Use Protocol to Read& Write 721H&727H Master Code via CommView?
One client inform us that he cannot connect AR-725E-V2 with PC by RS-485, but it can connect with PC by TCP/IP. What is the reason to cause this probl
Why did 701Client report always show “Controller online/offline” Message and some transaction log can not be received timely when connect TCP Controll
How to clear all messages which are saved in the controller?
Questions: In one site install 721H and 821EF-V5 and download the same user data to two reader at the same time, but the user is asked to only use FP
How to make tamper switch can send message to 701Client?
727HV3 Daily Auto Alarm Bell Setting and Wiring
8 serial V5 version products update firmware unsuccessfully and then it cannot turn on normally. How to solve the problem?
When Add one card number to one new employee, Why the user can access all door , but can been see any records in daily report and monthly report ?
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