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How to set user card can enter door from 8:00 to 17:00 but cannot enter door on holiday?
How to Set “Leave” Duty in advance?
How to set the Node ID for AR-323D/ AR-321W and the connection by 701Server/Client?
If the Duty report shows very strange duty on and duty off time, how can I solve this problem?
One Example of 716E [SET] Function
E serial controller, why cannot add more than 4999 users?
The connection with PC is normal. Why it will show “No Destination Controller” when download card user to controller?
How to fix the duty function key of 727H on the last key state?
How to disable arming via software?
How to set AR-829E-V5/AR-727H-V5 to connect with BAUD rate 4800 LED display?
If you don’t remember the IP address of AR-727CM, how to reset it?
How to set 821EF-V5 can access by fingerprint only?
How to set guard card ?
Sometimes the selected Com Port Number always change ,how to fix it ?
How to save/load LAN Setting?
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