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Why the new controllers keep flashing red light when power on?
Setting up Auto-open time via 701 Client and Not allow access during holiday.
How to connect Auto-Electric Bolt EM-1600-A with Infrared Sensor to Prevent Person being pinched while passing Auto Door?
Why the system crash while downloading User Alias?
How to reset H/V3 & E/V5 Controllers?
How to Use Optional Voice Module on AR-837E/EF & V5 Series Controller?
Why scanning the cards out of available time zone, the system doesn't take the log as attendance record?
How to update E/V5 series controllers via RS-485?
How to Connect AR-837E to External Burglary Alarm Control Panel?
Why the system doesn’t calculate “Full Attendance Bonus” correctly?
After reset for AR-837EF, the fingerprint sensor has no response. How to solve it?
How to use "Duress Code" function on AR-727H?
How to Upgrade Firmware via BootLoader Mode on E Series Controller
The new option of open/close doors online via 701Client
what is the reason to cause the error display on V5 LCD Screen?
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