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how to use SOYAL DESFire encoder 837PD to program and encrypt DESFire Card?
Auto Open Zone for all E/H-V5 series controller
Auto Open Zone for all H series controller and digital door lock AR-323D without keypad
Factory Reset for all H series Controller (including Master Code Configuration)
How to enroll tags in Soyal controller with keypad for M6 mode?
Connecting Multi-Door Controller 721E-v2 with Access Reader and setting up Alarm after door opening for more than 30 seconds
Why Access Controller and WG Reader Show Different Status and Card Number when reading the same card?
How to adjust UHF reader AR-661UG’s TID output format to EPC output format?
How to set “Card & PIN” or “Fingerprint & PIN“ User Access Mode on AR-331EF?
How to display DI/DO status of Room Service Panel AR-CPI/CPO-888 on 701Client?
DI/O application introduction on 716E and 716E-IO
How to adjust the reading UHF label speed of AR-661UG to avoid multiple event logs received by 701software?
How to change two Door Relay Time of 721E by Commview?
How to change IP Address for LCD Screen of EV5 Series Controller?
How to Modify 725EV2 to support more to 16,000 users?
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