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How to use SOYAL Fingerprint Controller AR-837EF for Lift Control?
Why it takes a long time of AR-837E’s activation while using RS485 network?
How to open all doors while receiving fire signals by using 727CM-IO connected with Fire Alarm Equipment?
How to use 837P DESFire encoder and issue DESFire cards?
How to share one AR-727CM for two Servers while organizing different equipment?
How to increase the security of Web settings for AR-727CM or other TCP/IP devices?
How to connect an external indicator for 721H while scanning an invalid card?
How to connect WG reader with V5 Series Controller for Dual door control?
How to make tamper switch can send message to 701 Client?
Why 727H connected with 716E and sends many alarming messages?
How to share one lock for two controllers (indoor and outdoor installed respectively)?
When presenting card to 727H connected with 716E, why did 727H Screen display “LAN Comm. Error” message?
How to increase the security level of electric locks?
Why the new controllers keep flashing red light when power on?
How to connect Auto-Electric Bolt EM-1600-A with Infrared Sensor to Prevent Person being pinched while passing Auto Door?
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