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How to reset H/V3 & E/V5 Controllers?
How to Use Optional Voice Module on AR-837E/EF & V5 Series Controller?
How to Connect AR-837E to External Burglary Alarm Control Panel?
After reset for AR-837EF, the fingerprint sensor has no response. How to solve it?
How to use "Duress Code" function on AR-727H?
what is the reason to cause the error display on V5 LCD Screen?
What is the purpose of option "Alarming if Expired" on Parameter Setting?
3 Doors Interlocking Wiring for Electric Strike
How to connect Door Bell on AR-881E?
How to skip card checking for 821EF?
2 Doors Interlocking Wiring Structure
When connect 721U to 721H, the customer want to flash card and enter Pin by 721H, but just flash card by 721U, how to do?
Elevator Control AR-401RO16B Troubleshooting
How to enable duty shift table for V5 LCD controller ?(821EF, 829E-V5, 727H-V5)
One client inform us that he cannot connect AR-725E-V2 with PC by RS-485, but it can connect with PC by TCP/IP. What is the reason to cause this probl
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