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How to make tamper switch can send message to 701Client?
727HV3 Daily Auto Alarm Bell Setting and Wiring
8 serial V5 version products update firmware unsuccessfully and then it cannot turn on normally. How to solve the problem?
How to check the Node ID of V5 LCD controller quickly?
If you don’t have external keyboard, how can you set the Node Id for 723H?
Controllers connect with 716E, what is the different for all card can pass function?
721H is installed as standalone. Can I change PIN without enter programming mode?
How to by-pass AR-401RO16B when reader get problem?
How to set alarm clock for AR-725E-V2?
How to improve the problem of reading card slowly on 821EB-V5?
How to Reset Master code on AR-829E-V5, 727H-V5,725E-V2, 821E-V5, 881E?
Why does the fresh reader of 723H keep flashing red led after power on?
How to set a master card for AR-323D?
After reset for AR-821EF-V5, the fingerprint sensor has no response. How to solve it?
How to read the card user data from 721H mode 6 and then write into another 721H?
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