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Connect 881EF with PC, the connection is normal but the 701client cannot get the event. How to solve this problem?
How to set the Node ID for AR-323D/ AR-321W and the connection by 701Server/Client?
How to set AR-829E-V5/AR-727H-V5 to connect with BAUD rate 4800 LED display?
How to set 821EF-V5 can access by fingerprint only?
AR-401RO16B lift controller troubleshooting
How to set the interval time of reading same card on 721H?
How to quickly reset AR-721H Factory default Setting?
How to use the contact of tamper switch on AR-721H to connect the extra flare alarm horn?
How to open the door outside when you met the situation: the battery of AR-323D is depleted and the user also forget to bring key
Why the outside handle of AR-323D can be freely turn to open door without presenting any card?
Why do you feel the induction of AR-323D is not insensitive when presenting card
The Comparison of AR-821EF & AR-821EFV5 About Restore Factory Default Setting
How to set the 725E-V2 and the reader to control the same door?
All words on 821EF-V5 LCD menu are missing, how to solve this problem?
How to replace the 881EF-9000MT with 881EF-9000DO?
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