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How to use “Auto Save Card ID” function in 701 Client?
Setting up Auto-open time via 701 Client and Not allow access during holiday.
Why the system crash while downloading User Alias?
Why scanning the cards out of available time zone, the system doesn't take the log as attendance record?
Why the system doesn’t calculate “Full Attendance Bonus” correctly?
829E-V5 connects with WG reader, how to set it to show message on LCD when you present card on WG reader?
How to disable arming via software?
If I change the flex time, how to revise the former attendance report?
How to add new model option for selecting under 701Server LAN Base setting?
How to set AR-881EF/EV as WG mode and enable Anti-Pass back function
How to transfer data from one fingerprint device (331EF/837EF/881EF) to other fingerprint device?
Is it possible to use TCP/IP and RS485 for connection and with 701Server at same time?
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