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How to clear all the messages in controller?
How to copy attendance information from A to B computer?
How to Assign a Login Account on 701Client that been only Permitted to Access Daily / Monthly/ Summary Report & View options?
What caused the failure to open the monthly reports.
The setting of creating the record of invalid card and multiple failure of card reading by 701 Client Software, and it could also be exported to excel
How to Pop-up Reminder Window for Abnormal Message?
How to View “Daily None Access User” Report?
When the connection of AR-727 controller is normal, but when you want to download the card data, it would appear “please update f/w to 3.4 or later!”
how to Solve the trouble when the User Press Duress Code For Access on V5 Series Controller to Cause Error Time Attendance Report?
When Using Controller without LCD Screen Type for Time Attendance, why did the daily Report not shown “Duty Off” Time?
Why it shows absence from duty on Saturday and Sunday in the daily report?
Why The User’s Monthly Report in 701Client couldn’t display “Duty Hour”
About Date Limit on 701Client
How to Automatically Export Multi-User’s Monthly Report in Excel Format?
Why could not see Event Log while 701Server Setting is correct?
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