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After download card data for User Add 001~199, why these cards will be expired the next day?
Why IP readers always show online/offline alternately and not all transaction log can be received timely?
Why IP readers show offline, but you can enter to its webpage settings?
How to know the details of SOYAL equipment in network?
How to show one user data in one row in Time Attendance Report?
701Software Quick Start
How to set up networking for fingerprint controller AR-837EF-3DO & AR-837EF-9000DO via 701 SERVER and download fingerprint data?
What are these abbreviations of “leaves” category in 701 Client?
How to use Comm View to reset H series controller?
How to use Level Comparison function on E/V5 Series Controller to set up one user card accessing the door with Card & Pin and another door with Card o
How to get a list of employees who don’t clock-in in a day via 701 Client?
How to use “Reset Anti-pass back” function of V5 series controllers to limit each staff to take one meal only during every meal interval section?
How to Quickly Backup User “SET” Data for 716E & E Series Controller on 701Client?
How to use more than 4-digit PIN code to access the door?
How to use “Auto Save Card ID” function in 701 Client?
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