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How to automatically export user card data via 701Client?
Setting up Auto-open time via 701 Client and Not allow access during holiday.
Why the system crash while downloading User Alias?
Why scanning the cards out of available time zone, the system doesn't take the log as attendance record?
How to update E/V5 series controllers via RS-485?
Why the system doesn’t calculate “Full Attendance Bonus” correctly?
How to Upgrade Firmware via BootLoader Mode on E Series Controller
The new option of open/close doors online via 701Client
After successfully add one card , why did always show "invalid card " when swipe the card to reader?
When I transfer time attendance format file, it shows nothing. How to solve it
How to check multi-days anti-passback error record?
How to automatically change user access mode for different reader?
When I try to save the user parameter, it shows error message. How can I solve this problem?
How to automatically execute 701Client when startup 701Server?
How to Program User Access Mode When Customer Develop Software According To Protocol of 821E-V5 & 881E-V5?
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