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How to use protocol commands to set up Begin and Expiry Date for E&HV5 Series controller?
Centralized Lift Control Solution
What is the difference of AR-661UG EPC vs. TID?
How to do anti-cloning for 13.56MHz tag/card?
How to solve the error message 255:255:00 appear in 701 Client under the Windows system 8&10
If 701Server/Client could not display correct Font & Character on Windows 10 System, how to change Win System’s languages for different Regions and Co
How to enable the function of Telnet at Windows 7&8&10 PC
what is the reason to cause the error event log on Web-Base?
Network Troubleshooting Procedure
The Comparison of Connecting Method when Connect Old/New Controller Reader to AR-401RO16B for Elevator Control
If you don’t remember the IP address of AR-727CM, how to reset it?
How to convert WG format into ABA 8 digit format?
SOYAL EM Card Format Instruction
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