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關於茂旭 關於茂旭
Business Philosophy
Provide less-worries, convenience, and reliable quality of life
Becoming the first choice of access control system in global brand.
" Access Control, Building Automation and
Smart Building System Integration Supplier "
SOYAL Technology was established in 1993 as a renowned manufacturer of access control system and distributed industrial control board and has received the high user reviews and reputation in Taiwan. The most popular and well-known advantage is that most SOYAL hardware products feature "Union body Multi-Demand".
By providing a wide range of application firmware that can be in-field updated, each SOYAL product can be used in various application fields.

The most unique function of SOYAL control system is that the entire series of products are compatible with an expandable cascade structure. The hardware system can effortlessly add new equipment and scale up the system capacity and Improve system security level without replacing the existing equipment as the needs of the customer growth.

SOYAL management software is entirely developed based on the policy of providing long-term support service. Whether it is "file based system mode" or "database mode", its operating interface strives to the seamless compatibility of the new and old versions, in which can greatly reduce the learning troubles of administrators and users.

In general, SOYAL's feature is that both hardware and software, together with mobile APP and WEB management interface, can be compatible with older version of hardware and software system. Not only the software supports long-term service policy, the hardware is also reserved with multiple system expansion interfaces and strict industrial standard components manufacturing. SOYAL products are not only reliable, easy to operate and maintain, but also the best software and hardware platform for integrating various multifarious system.
Core Value
Seizing opportunity with agile footsteps by welcoming challenges of the new era.
Meet customer's demand and quickly handle it efficiently and comprehensively. Serve customer with steady quality, fastest delivery, and the most reasonable price.
Bringing up the most professional technical team to provide high quality service with speed and effectiveness.
Provide customized products with professional knowledge, skills, and attitude.
With peace of mind and reliability, providing customer the most refined product.
Endless innovation and courage to try, always keeping an attitude of excellence.
Creative thinking, set eye on the future, and mastering leadership in the industry.
Do not fear the challenge, put into practice, creating company value with innovative thinking.
We believe quality is everyone in Soyal team responsibility.
We are committed to provide highest standard in the industry.
Maintaining integrity principle every time facing customer, never deceive, remove dishonesty, and not exaggerated. Focusing on business ethics and providing competitor a constructive competition. Integrity is the most fundamental and important concept for all Soyal team.
Corporate Responsibility
Responsibility to put quality first, courageous, and bear with responsibility. Keeping promises to customers and always do our best. Commitment to society, and do our best in corporate social responsibility.
Dedication to product development and Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) certification.
We are dedicated to researching and developing innovative products with high quality, efficiency, and stability. Our efforts have been recognized with multiple product invention patents and certifications, and we have become an internationally recognized enterprise with continuous receipt of the Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) enterprise certification for multiple years.
Technical Support and Quality Service
Customer comes first, high quality, excellent service, mutually beneficial.
To meet our customer needs, we offer customized product and software.
Established customer service team to provide technical support for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Walking Towards World Stage, Global Business
Continue to pursue high quality, low price, and endless innovation, establish higher visibility in international market, and expanding business overseas.
Versatile Products Selection
Versatile Products Selection
In order to provide the customers high quality design products , SOYAL take the visual attractiveness of each product as important consideration. To satisfy customer aesthetic requirements, SOYAL launch the family series SOYAL VISION (Vision, Iron, Slim, Illuminate, On yx, and Nation) Series ). Each series of products have the same appearance design, which is convenient for you to select the access controller, proximity reader, exit button with the same design, theme and color.
Long-Term Service Software
Long-Term Service Software
After over two decades in business, SOYAL preserve software format and layout since the beginning of establishment. Since the file based system format and now it supports both file based and data based system, there is no significant change on format and layout. The reason is simply we want no hustle and no relearning necessary for every software update.
Multi Factor Authentications
Multi Factor Authentications
Choose your access identification options from combination of Card, PIN, fingerprint, and QR Code; either single factor or two factors. With only one set of software you could even have it integrated with face recognition and plate recognition.That way you can have more access options other than what SOYAL hardwane provides.
Support Communication Redundancy
Support Communication Redundancy
SOYAL Controller support dual communication interface and each product are built in RS485 and TCP/IP. When one of the interfaces is failed, the other interface can be used as a backup to keep on the system running smoothly.
At the same time, it supports emergency offline working mode, even if the system is disconnected, the users can still get access in normal control mode.
Cross-System Software
Cross-System Software
SOYAL software characteristic is single software that supports all systems; file based system, data based system,and web based system. Without restricting compatibility for particular product only compatible with particular software, SOYAL created 'Cross-System Software' that supports configuration, monitoring, and editing for all access control, industrial control, and smart building products; in one integrated software.
Beyond Access Controller
Beyond Access Controller
Each product manufactured by SOYAL was made for total solution and to offer flexibility. For intense, SOYAL main product is access controller but you can find SOYAL on other application like offline consumption device, charging device, and many more. The main reason is: SOYAL controller built in multiple interfaces for upgrade and scale without replacing the whole hardware.
Union Body Multi-Demand In-Field Firmware Upgrade
Union Body Multi-Demand In-Field Firmware Upgrade
Each SOYAL product is available for in-field firmware upgrade to add or change functions even after the products are already installed in the field. Union Body Multi-Demand features allows each product to easily modify functions anywhere and everywhere, as easy as a click on the firmware upgrade software.
Industrial Grade Specification
Industrial Grade Specification
Compared from commercial products on the market, SOYAL products are made with the materials complied with RoHS regulation and Industrial standard. SOYAL aim for providing high durability product that can work in harsh environment and have a long life span.
No Exclusivity, Open Integration Resources
No Exclusivity, Open Integration Resources
For software and system integration, SOYAL will provide open resources such as SDK and protocol document that compatible with other system integration. For web based, SOYAL protocols can easily corresponding to JSON interface that is suitable for GraphQL and Julia developer. Or else, you could integrate SOYAL with other third party integration system by yourselves.
Seamless upgrade and Unlimited Expansion
Seamless upgrade and Unlimited Expansion
When the hardware devices scaling up with the growth of the enterprise, SOYAL cascade system structure allows to expand more users capacity and provide higher security by purchasing additional expansion controllers without replacing the existing hardware devices.
What SOYAL can do
Varieties of RFID Tags Selection
RFID tags format that is compatible with SOYAL controller and reader: ISO18000-2, ISO14443A, ISO7816-4, ISO15693, Felica, and NFC (card simulation).
Varieties of RFID Frequency
SOYAL controller and reader frequency varies from 125kHz, 13.56MHz,Dual-Band (125kHz & 13.56MHz) ,and UHF (902-928MHz / 865-868MHz)
Multi UID Display Format
SOYAL hardware could be assigned into different display format according customer's requirement, for example: HEX, ABA, WG26, WG34, and many more.
Duress Code & Output
In case an assailant or robber ambush at the entrance and force you to open the door or disarm the system, try to keep calm and input Duress code to open the door, which will simultaneously send a silent alert to the monitoring station or security guards.
Built-in Tamper Switch
Equipped with tamper switch for extra burglary system. Activate the alarm output when someone tried to break the controller or open the housing. It will also send signal message to SOYAL 701 Client Software and send loud signal with additional Alarm siren.
Arming and Disarming
Enable or disable your controller for guarding mode by selecting arming or disarming mode. All controllers under arming mode will transmit abnormal event into alarm.
Equipped with Watchdog function to prevent from computer hang & to recover from system.
Complete Indicator
Equipped with LED and buzzer, every flashing LED and beeping sound has different meaning to indicate different situation.
Double Door Control
Control not only a single door but also double door at the same time with a single unit controller.
Master Card Feature
Set up three master cards for each access controller to quickly add or erase user only by swiping master card without configuration by software or keypad.
Restrict user re-entering without exiting, SOYAL provides two kind of anti-passback function; single door anti-passback and global anti-passback.
Auto Open Time zone
Set up auto open time zone and activate it regardless by swiping or not swiping valid tags for particular time.
Alarming for Abnormal Event
SOYAL indicate abnormal events such as door open too long, force open, door position abnormal, or key-in more than three times invalid card. All of these abnormal events can be tracked via SOYAL 701Client software's event log.
Multiple Communication Interfaces
Each SOYAL access controller is built-in more than one interfaces like RS485, RS232, UART, Wiegand Input, Wiegand Output, and TCP/IP for more options. Either under Master or Slave mode, SOYAL controller can also be a reader. It is so flexible and adjustable just by sending a command and wiring adjustment.
Security Level VIEW MORE
Security Level
SOYAL Technology Co., Ltd. was established
The beginning of the journey was accepting customer request for commissioned design for access controller, access reader, and related software and hardware customization.
The first Smart Software in Taiwan was established
Launched the first smart software in Taiwan for decentralizing control system and graphic control software.
The beginning of RFID Era
Soyal introduced proximity reader and networking controller, officially entering RFID era.
Introduced new product AR-701H
Soyal had successfully promoted AR-701H as its proximity access control system.
Came out with Multi-Door Networking Controller
Introducing AR-721H series for time attendance system and AR-716E series for multi-door networking controller
701 Server and Client New Software Upgrade
To enhance the feature in 701 Server and Client Software; access control, time attendance, salary count, lift control and graphic control have been featured in the new upgrade.
Smart Biometric Time Attendance Access Controller
Introducing AR-801E/AR-821E access controller for time attendance that support biometric fingerprint for user’s access.
Introducing of AR-716Ei and AR-727CM
Introducting AR-716Ei a multi-door networking controller and AR-727CM converter, with built-in Ethernet port
Introducing 3in1 Access Controller
Introducing AR-737H/U a smart RFID access controller.
Launched upgraded version of AR-727/AR-721 is available with 3in1 feature (stand-alone, communication interface to PC, with multi-door controller that support 15000+ user).
Officially entering Mainla
Introducing AR-737P
Introducing Mifare frequency and RS-232 interface of AR-737P Open System Programmer to keeping up with customers demand for tags programmer.
In the same year, Soyal purchased new office in Neihu District, Taipei, Taiwan.
New Release – Metal Case Access Controller
Introducing Metal Access Controller AR-321H and AR-327H for the first time, another milestone is successfully introducing Door Lock AR-321D and AR-323D
First Time Entering Japan market with AR-725E
At Tokyo Show in Japan, Soyal first released 9 stylish colors with illuminated-touch panel access controller AR-725E. At the same year, Soyal moved its headquarter to Taiwan Science and Technology Building in Xizhi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan.
Upgraded Metal Access Controller AR-321H and AR-327H
Upgrading Metal Access Controller AR-321H and AR-327H, it can now support both EM and Mifare frequency. The first integration partnership to held “ISMAE SOYAL 2010” Exhibition. Introducing CPU card and RFID SIM card technology, improving security level.
Metal Access Controller for Narrow Space AR-331H
In order to install controller/reader at narrow space, SOYAL developed the slim metal housing AR-331 series. Narrow installation space is not a problem at all. Furthermore, we launched AR-881EF dual-band fingerprint controller with RS-485 and TCP/IP dual-
New Software-Soyal WEB
Soyal WEB access control system, Through browser you can configure card edit and tracking event log, no need for software installation, no limit for access platform (PC, Laptop, Smartphone), no limit for login location, only internet requires, no worry fo
Infrared Touchless Push Button 1st Version
Launched AR-PBI7B/8B (infrared sensor button), with a touchless button it is suitable for industries that require high sanitary e.g: medical, food and beverages, laboratory unit.
The First Weatherproof Biometric Access Controller AR-837EF
Launching SOYAL’s first weatherproof biometric access controller, AR-837EF. The installation method of AR-837EF can be either in the surface (mounted) or embedded with more choices to meet more demand.
888 Ultra-thin Flush-Mounted Series
Innovatively launched ultra-thin flush-mounted access controller with a unique LED frame design, leading the new trend of access control.
Launched DESFire Programmer
To prevent tags cloning and increase security level, we develop DESFire Programmer that supports 3DES/MAC/AES high-security encryption with easy operation.
Touch-less Capacitive Sensor Button 2nd Version
Upgrading infrared touchless sensor button into capacitive version, improving interfered by sunlight and fluorescent lamp, suitable for any place.
Slim Biometric Access Controller AR-331EF
Launched new Ultra-Slim outdoor “Biometric Controller” AR-331EF for neat installation in narrow space. With metal body designed for Anti-Vandalism, touch keypad with backlight design to enhance waterproof and water resistant in the surface, increasing sec
Universal I/O Module Series
Support 4 functional modes: standard Modbus I/O module / Smart mailbox Mode / Multi-function delay output mode / FF/RF falling, and FF/RF rising.
QR Code Access Controller Is launched
QR Code access control controller AR-837EL support not only standard RFID access control functions but also support QR Code scanning and E-mail sending functions working with SOYAL software, QR Code passes can be set with expiry and limited number of time
Database version software Is launched - 701 SQL Software
SOYAL 701 SQL software version support both File base system mode and Database System mode, and supports Unicode format; the third-party programs can be more easily integrated with the SOYAL access control system through the database, and the database ver
Multi-function Face Recognition Controller Is Launched- AR-837-EA / AR-837-EA-T
In 2021, face recognition controller with body temperature detection is launched, in which reduce the chance of contact recognition and greatly improve safety of access.
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