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特約維修服務 特約維修服務
Maintenance Center
Maintenance Precautions
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Maintenance Precautions
Maintenance Precautions

※ The customers should provide the serial number of product or purchasing receipt before applying for RMA service. If the product is too old without component replacement, it could not be repaired.

Before sending the RMA back to SOYAL, please clearly describe the cause of the failure or attach with product picture by email We will assist with the troubleshooting and if it it is needed for repair, please send the RMA.

  • Data and records stored on the device are likely cleared up during the inspection and component replacement. Please back up the data before sending the repair item.
  • Basic repair will collect inspection fee USD 5.00 only for faulty part mentioned by customer. Problems not mentioned in the repair note will not be tested. If required full-featured inspection, and additional inspection fee is required USD 5.00
  • After receiving the signed confirmation of Repair Quotation from the client , we will start to process repairing. the repair time is about 10~14 working days. In order to speed up the repair process, please describe the problem as clear as possible, otherwise the maintenance days will be prolonged.
  • Warranty components during the warranty period are free of charge as long as complying with the warranty terms.

- Since RS485 network communication chip is often burnt caused by improper wiring on site or even wrong wiring, RS485 IC belongs to a consumable component that is no longer included in the warranty components.

- Since RELAY is often burnt caused by wrong wiring on site or overload of the contact, RELAY belongs to a consumable component that is no longer included in the warranty components.

  • After the products are completely repaired, we provide an additional 3 months warranty service
  • The Payment way can be chosen online credit card or Transfer by T/T remittance 


If you have any questions about RMA or operating online form, please be kind to contact us through the following information:

Customer Service Tel : +886-2-2691-8031
Contact Mailbox :
Service hours : Monday to Friday: 8:30~17:30, closed on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays

Thank you.

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