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SOR MIFARE Programming Software
Type: ---SOR Tools---
Name: SOR MIFARE Programming Software

Very similar to MifareKey software but with more user-friendly operation and able to write ASK-II into data block of MIFARE card/tag/token.

  • Specification

SOYAL OPEN SYSTEM RULES (SOR) is the SOYAL MIFARE APPLICATION DIRECTORY (MAD)-based developed the mechanism have multi-purpose include management access system, add value etc. SOR is advanced edition MIFARE, SOR streamlining MAD and get essential part of to help customers effectively understand the MIFARE features and benefits. MIFAREKEY and SOR TOOLS two software can help customers more efficiently study and application MIFARE the function and develop more advanced applications.

Advantages of SOR

◎ 6-layer managing structures

The cards built-in agent code issuance (Up to 6 sub-layers) via SOR Programmer

◎ User ID assignable

Specify MIFARE random card numbers into sequential numbers and make the user-friendly management.

◎ Expiration setup

You can set up Validity in MIFARE card by SOR

◎ Global access control

One card issuance by SOR programmer could be passed in other branch you specified.

◎ Built-in command within cards

Capacity to set up stand-alone device by the cards built-in commands

◎ Deposit

Easy develop the E-wallet application