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401E Programmable Logic Software
Type: ---AR401E---
Name: 401E Programmable Logic Software

Surveillance systems: surveillance camera equipment.
Monitoring system: Monitor the electricity, clean/waste water system, access control and alarm system
inside of the building.
Energy-saving system: the school or offi ce building energy-saving lighting and air-conditioning control.
Parking and storage equipment: mechanical parking and automative storage.
Automation and control equipment, timing, input etc..

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Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is digital logic controller has automated real-time control features are widely used in industrial control fi eld. In the absence of the Programmable Logic Controller era, usually use a lot of relays and counters to be able to composition of the same automatic system function, now, logic controllers through
simple programmable operation module will replace the traditional control method. Programmable Logic Controller has been initialized at the factory, users can edit their own programs to their needs to meet different requirements of automatic production

The first Programmable Logic Controller has only the function of logic control circuit (IO Control), now, Programmable Logic Controller already has the following functions: logic control, timing control, simulation control, Multi-party communication etc. and change the name to Programmable Controller. Somehow, we sitll name its abbreviation as PLC since PC will be confused with Personal Computer.

The functionality of the PLC has evolved over the years to include sequential relay control, motion control, process control, distributed control systems and networking. The data handling, storage, processing power and communication capabilities of some modern PLCs are approximately equivalent to desktop computers. PLC-like programming combined with remote I/O hardware, allow a general-purpose desktop computer to overlap some PLCs in certain applications. The main difference from other computers is that PLCs are armored for severe conditions (such as dust, moisture, heat, cold) and have the facility for extensive input/output (I/O) arrangements.

PLC has the following features: versatility, easy to use, adapt to the broad-based, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, easy programming. Let PLC become the most important part of industrial control application.    Distributed Control System (DCS) : Install the programmable sequential logic controller in the field and connected by networks throught RS-485 or Ethernet for commnication and monitoring. It could reduce the consumption of the cables, save construction time of wiring and offer the data like year, month, day, hour, minute, second, weekday...etc.