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SOYAL 2021 New Website Guideline

SOYAL has shifted to 2021 new website, here is some guideline to see what is new on the website and how the new website could help you find out what you are looking for!

  1.  SOYAL Software and Integration Section 

On Product section, there is a new section specifically made for Software/SOYAL APP. This include SOYAL main software 701ServerSQL and 701ClientSQL, SOYALToolSetup, and WEB Setting (for Enterprise Series controller, control panel, and Serial-to-Server AR-727CM/AR-401-IO-0808R-U2). Additionally there is a section made for ‘Cross-System Integration’ that we offer technical document and integration method to make third party integration easier.












  2. Intuitive and Comprehensive details in Products Section 

Product information

Comprehensive detail about product information, such as features and specification with intuitive graphic supported for better understanding.

The related information such as Download offer downloads of software, datasheet/catalogue, manual, and firmware

Firmware included all standard and customized firmware for each products detail.

The customized firmware might also be the function that you are looking for!

Resources offer an extended resources related to the product such as FAQ, Certificate, Video (Youtube tutorial), Application (promotional application poster), Successful Cases provided by client, and Other external link (article mentioned on SOYAL monthly E-paper)












  3. Download Section Classification 

Download section has come neater and easy to find what you are files you are looking for download. Additionally it supported with keywords function for quick search. For example, if you want to download installation guide of 701 Software go to Download > Manual > Software/SOYAL APP












 4.  FAQ Section Added Keywords feature 

Looking for related FAQ information is now easier as the FAQ has been classified into more detailed and easier to find with keywords. Moreover, the keyword functions also make it easier to find related documents.












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