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New Software Version 10.3 of 701ServerSQL and 701ClientSQL

Requirements Chart

    Classify   PictureNameVersion   Quantity  
SoftwareReal-time Resident Core Software for
hardware communcation and
TCP-Link Server
701Server SQL
10v3 220123.exe
and after
Access Control and
Graphic Animation Software
701Client SQL
10v3 220123.exe
and after


The new version includes:

1. Additional 16 Area in which each Area has independent threat that will enable one system that previously only support 254 units become 254 units per Area that now support up to 4000 controllers.

10.3 version and before10.3 version and after
Limited to 254 units controllerSupport up to 4064 units controller


2. Increase polling speed and minimize the delay time on receiving event log.

Take an example of total 32 units of access controller in one system.

10.3 version and before10.3 version and after

32 units without Multi-Area polling controller one by one.

32 units divided 16 Area, each Area polling 2 units of controller.

Means software could polling all of 16 Area at the same time so

to polling 32 units access controller in 16 Area the polling speed

has increased 16 times.



3. Each Area composed of independent COM setting

Multi-Area allows each Area to have independent COM setting that way, there is no restriction on COM Port connection for all of the Area. That also means each Area is distinguishable on how the hardware connect to the system.

Example: Area 0’s hardware connect using AR-321CM through COM 3

Meanwhile Area 1’s hardware connects using AR-321CM through COM 4


4.  Change in access point and door group composition

Software 10.3 and after 701Server and 701Client access point composed of Area > Node ID > Subnode ID (if there is control panel and access controller wired to it) > door number. Distinguishing door number for every

access controller in each area is important and it is strongly suggested, that is why each door number should be different between one another. Version 10.3 and after required to enable huge door group.

Software Ver. 10.3 required to set Door Number for every access controller to distinguish between one another and there should not be the same Door Number within the same Area

Select Setting --> System Parameter --> Tick 'Enable Huge-Door-Group Mode'

10.3 version and before10.3 version and after

Node ID

Subnode ID


Node ID

Subnode ID


Editing Door Name: Node ID --> Door Number

   Editing Door Name: Area > Door Number



5. Enable VS Disable Huge Door Group difference

Software Ver. 10.3 with additional Area features replacing Huge Door Group function.

 Want to upgrade to 10.3 version important notice
Enable Huge Door Group

If controller in the system is more than 16 units (Node ID 1 -16),

then it is required to edit the door group setting again.

Not using Huge Door Group

Controller Node ID 1-16 will be automatically grouped to Area00.

Node ID 17 and after will not show on the new version, please configure again.


6. Event log ‘Station’ display format in 701ClientSQL 10.3 Version

Event log show user access point in Station and how detail the information is, is depend on how the setting of either “enabling huge door group mode” and “show detail node address”

Show Detail Node AddressEnable Huge Door Group ModeShow on the Event Log ‘Station’

1. Area :

2. Node ID 

3. Door Name

  -->Area01 : 001-17:A1-Door 1  



 2. Node ID :

 3. Door Name

  --> 001-17:A1-Door 1  



3.Door Name

--> A1-Door 1  

*  2 (Node ID) Detail Explanation:

E Series Controller
ProductSoftware Display (Station)Remark
E Series Main Controller001-17 

001=Access Controller Node ID


 E Series Wiegand Reader (Slave)WG:001-18


001=Access Controller Node ID


H Series Controller
ProductSoftware Display (Station)Remark
H Series Main Controller001-01 

001=Access Controller Node ID

01=Access Controller Node ID

H Series Wiegand Reader (Slave) WG:001-01 


001=Access Controller Node ID

01=Access Controller Node ID

Under Multi-Door Control Panel
ProductSoftware Display (Station)Remark
RS485 Reader or H/E Access Controller001-03

001=Control Panel Node ID

03=Access Controller under Control Panel Node ID


7. Adding Area to Timezone setting


8. Adding Area to Download section

To download data in 701ClientSQL F. Download data, Select Area " Nodes of Each Area "--> Tick the desired Node ID --> download data

9.    Support 701ServerSQL 10V3 additional JSON command:

  • Extended command of ‘Create Event Log’ command 3002: message code 114 for remote Time Attendance
  • New command ‘Set Controller Real Time Clock’ command 3003
  • Correspondent to SOYAL protocol transmission in HEX Format

10.    701ClientSQL Graphic Animation feature support Elevator monitoring and remote open to help temporary user accessing specified floor


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